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A few words about me, a medical sexologist dedicated to helping people at my 'Adelaide Sex Therapy' practice.

Hello ! I am Dr Marie Tudor. Please call me Marie.

I have been a doctor (general medical practitioner) since the mid 1980’s. I went into the field of sex therapy in the early 1990’s when I had an opportunity to work in the field of sexual health. At that time I undertook a two year post graduate diploma in Family Therapy (Narrative) which provided me with the skills to work respectfully and empathically with couples. Several years later I completed a post graduate diploma in Hypnosis. This therapeutic tool is very useful for a number of people who consult me. Over the last 25 years I have completed many trainings in the field of sexology, sexual health and sex therapy. I am a Fellow of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine - a post graduate qualification and competency certification conferred to medical doctors who pass the Fellowship exam of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine and the European Society for Sexual Medicine. My qualifications, trainings and experience have me well placed to help people with sexual and relationship concerns.

My wish for all people is a life of maximised happiness and fulfilment. I believe that an intimate relationship needs to support the growth of the individual AND the relationship. If anyone in an intimate relationship feels that their life is not ‘flourishing’ or ‘blossoming’ then the relationship, I believe, needs urgent reviewing.

I wish that all people of all ages attain their own ‘blossoming’ as individuals in their lives and as members of partnerships, relationships, families and wider communities. Helping people with the discoveries of their ‘blossoming’ lives gives meaning to and fulfilment in my work and life.

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