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Due to high on-going demand, Dr Tudor has closed her books for couples seeking long term therapy. Dr Tudor is able to see people (if they have the flexibility to attend appointments within office hours) who have concerns regarding their sexuality or their physical sexual performance. 

If you have sexuality, performance or arousal concerns, please fill out the contact form and Dr Tudor will add you, as a priority to her cancellation waiting list.

Dr Tudor’s consulting sessions are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She is not available after office hours or on weekends.

Dr Tudor aims to see people in emotional distress due to their sexual concerns as soon as possible. By filling out the form below, Dr Tudor will be able to arrange an appointment as efficiently as possible.

The form below is delivered to Dr Tudor’s personal Email address. Details of the concern you wish to discuss with Dr Tudor remain confidential at all times.

As Dr Tudor is usually fully booked several months in advance, she does not always have the capacity to create extra time to see people who feel they need to be seen immediately. Please do fill out the contact form to ensure Dr Tudor is aware of your situation. A fast-tracked appointment can then be offered when cancellation times become available.  If your concern is giving you thoughts of self harm, or you believe your situation is urgent, Dr Tudor strongly advises that you consult your regular GP immediately or call the Mental Health Triage Service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) on: 13 14 65.

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